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Matt Donofrio

Matt Donofrio began his journey as a glass artist in 2004. As soon as he made his first marble, he knew he was absolutely hooked and this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He began investing all his time and money into learning more and more of the craft. He attended classes lead by some of the best lamp workers in the country, and that only ignited his passion more.

In 2012, Matt decided that he was in a position that he could finally do what he loved full time. With his former Co-Owner and friend, Steve Cambria, he created the production glass company known as Fish Bowl Glass. They continued building and forming their brand over the next 3 years until they decided that the production life was just not for them. They knew they had far more talent to offer to the glass industry than just pumping out the same production work day after day.

At the beginning of 2016, Fish Bowl Glass disbanded. Matt and His fiancé Meghan are now building a brand new company which will be knows as Matt Donofrio Glass Art. Matt will be using his full knowledge and capabilities to create heady, functional works of art. If you would like to be included in Matt Donofrio's mailing list for his headier more functional pieces, please click here.

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