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Hamm Vitrifex Profile

Hamm Vitrifex - Hamm's Waterworks

Hamm is the driving force behind Waterworks Glass. With 20 years of glassblowing experience, he creates a constant flow of new design ideas with excellent function as his foremost concern. Ariel has worked as a customer liaison and manages the social media, but has recently began making several items in the product line.

When Hamm started Waterworks Glass at the beginning of 2013, the team included several additional glassblowers, including Carlin C$ Sage, Phil Davis aka PH-D, and James Brown, and an extensive wholesale catalog. After 2015, Hamm refocused his attention away from managing a production studio to creating limited editions of classic and breakthrough designs. Waterworks has scaled back, but continues to bring outstanding quality in our product and integrity in our business dealings. For more info, see

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