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Bryan Dosher

The artist dosher enjoyed his youth amongst the trees and mountain lakes of North Idaho.  Kindling a youthful soul and wild imagination, his love for art manifest in all his adventures.


Moving out west in 2000 a chain of events began to unfold.  Attending the Burningman festival, building an art car, invoking radical free self expression doshworld transformed his life. Since 1997 dosher has played a significant roll in the evolution of the glass pipe movement.  Performing and competing in many events including the 'DFO', 'Pipe Classic' and Master Flame Off. Publishing art in both Smoked Vol.I and Vol.II.  As well as featured in many publications including Hot Breath, The Flow, High Times, and was even mentioned on the Howard Stern show.  Appearing in the film 'Degenerate Art' the art and culture of glass pipes, dosher makes key points on his connection to "creating a vessel of art that people can take out into there lives and share, perhaps break down barriers and enjoy company with others"


The artist dosher has always looked beyond the horizon.  Rules and limitations set forth by the world of men have always been a myth to dosh.  From his childhood the creatures of the woods and the whispers on the wind were the first teachers.  dosher's path has always walked in the realm of the living world, all his experiences a great gift, teachings to further his expressions, in bending space.

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