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"I never feel more comfortable than when I am behind my torch. The place I am taken each time the glass enters the flame is one of adventure and challenge. With every completed sculpture I feel I am doing my share to take this craft to new heights. The future of glass is now."

Buck is a native Oregonian living in a small town on the central Oregon coast. Buck can either be found hard at work in his studio or out in the forest gaining inspiration for his next creation.

His expression can be seen in every detail of his work. With color, clean shapes, and symmetry he has developed an intricate style of construction that is all his own. Known for his anatomical skeletons and extreme engineering, his art has been making its way to galleries and collectors across the nation. The concept in Buck’s works are cutting edge. Inspiring and pioneering this progressive form of Americana art.

Lamp-working since 2002, Buck stemmed from an talented group of lamp-workers based in the foothills of the Oregon Cascades. These pioneers paved the way, giving Buck the tools and inspiration to push his artwork to new heights. Bucks’s love for glass is infectious. His dedication to creating progressive and original artwork has lead to some monumental sculptures..

“The first time I saw glass being worked I was mesmerized, the material worked like magic. It was so delicate and yet so tough. Its ability to take virtually any shape made it the ideal medium to achieve the sculpted shapes I desired.”

He has worked diligently over the years to keep on the cutting edge of the material and technique. His progression is one of pure creative drive and passion. For more info, see

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